Member Sponsorship


Opportunities for Sponsorship


1- Golf Tournament - $500 GOLD Sponsorship

     Your company will receive credit for 1 team, 4 players with 2 mulligans each player.

     Your company will receive recognition for being a Gold sponsor for the tournament.

     Your company will receive special recognition on sign, website and in Newsletters.


2 - Golf Tournament - $100 sponsorship

      Your company will be recognized with a sign at the tournament on the course and on the list of sponsors posted on the board.

     Your company will be recognized on our list of sponsors that is published on our website and in the Newsletters.


3- Meeting sponsorship - $200

    Your company can sponsor a meeting month.  The meeting can be at a location you choose, as long as ample notice is given.

    Your company will be special speaker for that meeting or get someone to speak.  You choose the program you want to present.