Harnett County Home Builder's Mission

The Harnett County Home Builders Association is a local association created under the North Carolina Home Builders Association.  The Harnett County HBA’s mission is the same as the NCHBA.

Chartered in 1963, the North Carolina Home Builders Association is a trade association consisting of builder and associate member-firms and a network of local builder associations and chapters throughout North Carolina. NCHBA is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders.

NCHBA comprises the many thousands of hard working men and women who pool information and efforts to provide the collective clout and muscle the home building industry needs…for self protection, for the benefits of its members, and for the protection of home buyers. The benefits of the association and the building industry accrue not only to its members, but also to the general public at large through the enhanced economic and social benefits derived from a viable building industry.

Through its programs and activities, the association encourages industry professionalism, provides a forum to consolidate industry views, and serves as a proactive advocate for the building industry which, through the assistance of NCHBA, provides homes for the citizens of North Carolina.

NCHBA plays a key role in helping maintain consistently higher industry standards of conduct, quality, and ethics.  Membership in Harnett County HBA and in NCHBA helps crystallize collective opinions…in order to effect change in Congress, the N.C. General Assembly, the courts and regulatory agencies.